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Winter Concerts

The Tradition Continues!


Individual tickets $10 ea. available at the door on the day of the concert. Students and children are always free.

Plan ahead and purchase a package of 10 Forever Tickets for $80, or package of 5 for $40 (cannot be used for Summer Concerts). Forever Tickets will not expire and can be used for any Winter Concert Series performance this year or any future year.

Subscription packages are available at the door, on the day of the concert, or at

Hobert Office Services, 1140 Manford Ave, Estes Park, CO.


Doors open at 1:30 for Sunday Concerts, with the program beginning at
2:00 p.m. Please check the schedule prior to attending for the venue for that week's concert.




November 2015

  1   Paul Shinn Trio (Jazz)

 (at the Community Church of the Rockies)

Sponsored by Julie Krohn

  8   Cantabile Singers (Choral)

(at the Community Church of the Rockies)

Sponsored by Dwight & Linda Strandberg

15   Jerilyn Jorgensen & Cullan Bryant
         (Violin and Piano)

(at the Community Church of the Rockies)

Sponsored by Donna Pieper

22   No Concert

29   Cobus du Toit (flute)

(at the Community Church of the Rockies)

              Sponsored by Friends of Mal Walker


December 2015

  6  Jubilate Chorus (Choral)

(at the Community Church of the Rockies)

Sponsored by Anne & Howard Marco

13   Sandra Wong Thyme Quartet
          (Traditional Folk and Latin)

Sponsored by Marge & Ed Getchell

20   Estes Valley Chamber Singers (choral)

              FREE CONCERT

27   No Concert


January 2016

  3   No Concert

10   Doug Walters Trio: Doug Walters (marimba);

Steve Mullins (guitar); María Vázquez (dance)
(Flamenco, Jazz, Gospel)

Sponsored by Peter & Alice Reuman)

17    Kruger/Bunin - Four Hands Piano

Sponsored by Bob & Judy Taphorn and
Jeff and Penny Van Bogaert

24    Peggy Lyon - Gregory Dufford (Piano, Clarinet)

Sponsored by Gray & Mel Rueppel

31    Trio Cordilleras (Tango and Latin)

Sponsored by Walt & Nancy Kaesler)


February 2016

  7    No Concert (Super Bowl)

14   Jerry Barlow (Celtic)

Sponsored by Estes Park Chiropractic

21    Fred and Audrey Peterbark, accompanied by
              Joshua Horsch (Vocal and Piano)

Sponsored by Sally Fedge

28   Sphere Ensemble (string quartet)

             Sponsored by Chrysalis at the Stanley


March 2016

  6    Piano Prodigy from Kruger Studio

Sponsored by Mike Richardson,
First Colorado Realty

13   No Concert

20   Lark Powers & Ricardo de la Torre

(Four Hands Piano)

Sponsored by Keith & Jackie Stephenson)

27   No Concert - Easter Sunday


April 2016

  3    New Wizard Oil Combination (Men’s Acapella)

Sponsored by Barb Marshall

10    Miroslava and David McArthur

(Four Hands Piano)

Sponsored by Marcia Taylor


May 2016

1   Estes Valley Chamber Singers (Choral)

Sponsored by Lowell & Caroline Krandell




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